Basketball works

Basketball is a team game. It is played on a hard court, paved with flooring to get consistency in the bounce, can be played indoors or outdoors. It is mostly played indoors nowadays. A YMCA official at Springfield, Massachusetts, is believed to have devised Basketball as a winter sport played indoors. It is played by teams both at amateur as well as professional levels. In America, it is a most loved game. It is spreading to other countries very fast, courtesy YMCA. It is also included in the Mega Sports Event, the Olympic Games.

Although basketball has primarily become a sport played by everyone around the world, it still remains the most popular in its birth country. The NBA is the top professional Basketball league for men; it consists of 29 teams from the United States and Canada. There is also an International Basketball Federation which involves Basketball competitions for men’s national teams within European zones. Betway UK offers a great selection of sports betting odds on all Basketball fixtures, both international and throughout the USA.

The Court:

Basketball Court
Basketball Court


Though a Basketball team comprises of 10 players, only 5 are allowed inside the court, the balance 5 remaining in the team bench eagerly awaiting their turn for substitution. The 5 players are allotted positions as (1) centers (2) guards and, (3) forwards. There are a number of formations of centers, forwards and guards. The normal formation seen are 2 forwards, 1 center and 2 guards as team A has chosen and 1 center, 1 guard and 3 forwards as Team B has chosen in the illustration given below.

Basketball Team

Basketball Court

Play Time:

There are two sessions of play, each session 20 minutes duration with a 10 minute recess or interval once the first session of 20 minutes is over.

The Baskets:

Baskets comprise of Backboards, rings and attached nets open on the downside for the ball to smoothly glide to the floor.

Basketball Baskets
It is a game where the ball is dexterously advanced through bouncing on the floor and/or passing to another team member. In the final phase the ball has to be thrown in such a way that it enters the ring and comes down through the net.